Our program in El Salado - Colombia 
"Emerson, for example, is on Saturdays from 3:00 to 18:00 at the village of Villa Amalia. In a counter and a few tables on a ranch with a tin roof, he takes its games and educational tools out. There are nine adults and six children, they are mostly grandchildren and grandparents, learning together. At first I had to fight the prejudice of the elderly, "old dogs can not learn", and the shame that for many meant not knowing how to read and write or take a pencil. But all that abcdespañol is changing and is one of the programs most loved by the people." 
November 4, by Shreya Shah
Researchers and practitioners agree that play is an important tool for children's learning and development. Learning through play could help children gain skills like creativity, improve self-esteem, teach children how to work in teams, interact socially, and problem solve. Some interventions to increase play-based interaction between parents and children early in life have shown to have an effect on IQ, educational attainment, employment and earnings later in life.

The Impactful Spread of Learning Through Play - Center for Education Innovation Blog